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take this pink ribbon from my eyes

im exposed

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7 May 1988
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Well first off, I hate blurbs. How exactly are you supposed to sum yourself up in a couple of sentences? Very few people know exactly who they are, and even if you do, its pretty difficult to explain it in a paragraph. But hey. I'm Debbie. If you want to add me, thats great, and if you want to know anything about me - ask me, don't look in the bio =)

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acting, aim, american beauty, ann arbor, art, astronomy, beaches, beauty, being silly, being there, bloomfield hills, body image, books, bowling, boys, buffy the vampire slayer, camping, charmed, chocolate, choir, closeness, coffee, comfy clothing, computers, cooking, costumes, couches, dancing, daria, deviantart, dirty dancing, down time, drama/theatre, drawing, dreams, emotions, environment, etc, evolution, eyes, fairies, fall, family, fanfiction, fantasy, feeling, feeling safe, fishnets, flirting, flowers, food, freedom, friends, full moons, gay rights, gender roles, getting mail, girls, going out, good music, grease, great conversation, guys, handcuffs, hanging out, happiness, happy thoughts, harry potter, having fun, high heels, hip-hop, home, hope, hot tubs, ice cream, imagination, imperfectness, independence, individualism, interests, irony, kisses, knowledge, lesbians, life, lightning, lights, lips, listening, literature, livejournal, love, lust, magic, making new friends, making others happy, mind games, money, movement, movies, mp3s, music, mythology, napping, necklaces, night, optical illusions, painting, people, perception, personalities, personality, philosophy, photography, poetry, poptarts, psychoanalysis, psychology, quotes, rain, ranting, reading, reality, relationships, roeper, serenity, sex, sexuality, showers, singing, skirts, sleep, someone special, spring, strangers, summer, sunrises, sweets, swimming, swing dancing, taboos, the ocean, the supernatural, thinking, thunderstorms, traveling, walt whitman, witches, writing, yoga

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